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Iain- the Nutman

Caramelised Nuts, a Blend of Europe and Kiwi Passion

At Nutty D'Lites, we’re nuts about nuts. Not just any nuts, mind you - we’re talking about the finest caramelised cashews, almonds, and hazelnuts. Our journey begins in the heart of Nelson, NZ, where we've merged the timeless European delicacy of caramelised nuts with a unique Kiwi twist.

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Cashews, Almonds and Hazelnuts.

Discovering the Perfect Nut: A Symphony of Taste and Texture

Cashews: The Creamy Indulgence

Picture a creamy, mildly sweet, buttery taste that melts in your mouth. That’s the magic of our caramelised cashews. Crafted with care, we take these nuts, prized for their smooth texture, and transform them into caramelised delights that delight the taste buds.

Almonds: The Bold Crunch

For those who relish a bold crunch, our caramelised almonds are a treat to behold. The initial crunch leads to a burst of nutty flavours enhanced by the sweetness of caramelisation. It’s a fusion of textures and tastes that leaves a lasting impression.

Hazelnuts: A Delectable Crunch

If you prefer a slightly deeper, earthy flavour with a delightful crunch, our caramelised hazelnuts are the way to go. The marriage of the hazelnut's natural essence with the caramelised coating is a taste of pure indulgence.

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Authentic European Confectionery

From Europe to Aotearoa, New Zealand: Our Caramelised Nuts Journey

Rooted in European confectionery traditions, Nutty D'Lites ventured across Denmark, Germany, and the UK, bringing the art of caramelised nuts to the Kiwi shores of Aotearoa. The delightful aroma of our nuts is reminiscent of European markets, infusing a sense of tradition into our carefully crafted treats.

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Cooked in a tradtional Copper Pot

Our Quality Promise

We firmly believe that the finest quality comes from the highest standards. All our products, from cashews to almonds and hazelnuts, are handmade in small batches using all-natural ingredients.

Vegan, with no gluten ingredients, and naturally high in protein, our caramelised nuts make for the perfect, guilt-free snack. Our passion for quality and authenticity drives us to deliver a confection that is a delight for all, irrespective of dietary preferences.

Join us in this nutty journey as we strive to elevate the simple nut into a gourmet delight. From the bustling markets to the comfort of your home, Nutty D'Lites invites you to savour the magic of caramelised nuts, a fusion of European tradition and Kiwi passion.

Ready to embark on a nutty adventure? Explore our range of handmade caramelised nuts and treat your taste buds to Nutty D'Liciousness!

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In a Nutshell: Musings and Market Buzz

The Nut Cart at Motueka Sunday Market.

Nov 21, 2023

Discovering Joy and Camaraderie at Motueka Sunday Market

Join us on a journey through the vibrant heart of the Motueka Sunday Market! At Nutty D'Lites, our days here have been a flavourful exploration, immersed in the camaraderie and rich tapestry of local treasures. From the bustling stalls to the relaxed atmosphere of Decks Reserve carpark, each Sunday brings an adventure filled with quality conversations, shared values of supporting local businesses, and a passion for crafting the most exquisite caramelised nuts. Dive into a vibrant market experience where the community's warmth embraces our love for creating exceptional treats. The Motueka Market, a synonym for Sunday Market Motueka, is more than just a market; it's a spirited celebration that feels like home.
Iain - The Nut Man, cooking at the Nelson Market.

Nov 20, 2023

Why Nutty D'Lites Loves Trading at the Nelson Market: Embracing Community, Success, and Tradition

Embracing Community, Success, and Tradition at Nelson Market At Nutty D'Lites, trading at the Nelson Market is more than a mere business transaction; it's an immersion into a vibrant community pulsating with success stories and time-honored traditions. The market serves as the cradle where legendary enterprises like Pics Peanut Butter, Hogarths Chocolate, and Proper Crisps began their remarkable journeys. Dissatisfied with commercial offerings, these pioneers embarked on quests for authenticity, crafting household brands that resonate with our pursuit of quality and innovation at Nutty D'Lites.



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