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Roasted Caramelised Nuts - Sharing sized eco-packs | 500g & 1kg

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Nut Variety

Taste the Tradition, Share the Fun: Roasted Caramelised Nuts in Eco-Friendly Sharing Packs (500g & 1kg)

Crafted for communal enjoyment! Whether you're hosting an event or gathering loved ones, delve into the exquisite world of handcrafted European confectionery with our delectable Roasted Caramelised Nuts – a delightful treat meant for sharing.

Crafted using a time-tested European recipe and cooked in a traditional Copper Pot over an open flame, these nuts are a delicious and unique treat.

The best part? The packaging of our sharing-size Eco-packs is home compostable. After enjoying your nuts, simply toss the package into your compost or worm farm and let nature do its thing.

Choose from cashews, hazelnuts, and almonds in 500g or 1kg packs – perfect for catering events, parties, gatherings, weddings, and enthusiastic nut munchers.

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