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Roasted Caramelised Hazelnuts

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Craving a sensation of pure decadence that delicately dances on your palate? Enter the world of Nutty D’Lites' handcrafted caramelised hazelnuts. These small-batch confections hail from Nelson, New Zealand. Each bite orchestrates a symphony of earthy delight and crunchy, sweet bliss, where plump hazelnuts revel in our exquisite caramel embrace.

Crafted with pride in Sunny Nelson: Each batch embodies a time-honoured craft. We meticulously hand-cook using only the finest, ethically sourced ingredients, devoid of artificial additives – delivering pure, delightful goodness. And the best part? These vegan and gluten-free treats offer guilt-free moments of pleasure, perfect for festive celebrations or daily indulgence.

Beyond the Ordinary Nut: Embark on a taste expedition with our caramelised hazelnuts, a tribute to Europe's legendary candy-coated marvels. We let nature's flavours shine, lavishly coating each hazelnut with our generations-old caramel recipe. It's a harmonious union of rich, roasted nuttiness and the crispy allure of caramel, an escapade your taste buds will adore.

More Than a Snack, It's an Experience: Our roasted caramelised Hazelnuts transcend mere snacking; they're a sensory oasis. Share a box with loved ones and witness smiles bloom like summer daisies, or revel in a moment of sheer, unadulterated bliss.

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