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Celebrate Mum with Something Sweet (and Unique!)

Looking for a unique and delicious gift that's sure to tantalise taste buds? Look no further than Nutty D'Lites' gourmet caramelised nuts! These handcrafted treats are the perfect way to show someone you care, offering a delightful twist on a traditional treat. Our selection features something for every palate, from classic cashews coated in buttery-smooth caramel for a timeless indulgence, to luxurious almonds that take on a whole new level of deliciousness with our unique caramelisation process. Delectable hazelnuts round out the selection, offering a rich flavor that pairs perfectly with our signature caramelised coating, creating an irresistible treat. But Nutty D'Lites caramelised nuts are more than just a gift; they're a versatile treat that can be enjoyed in a variety of ways. Savor them on their own for a satisfying snack, add a touch of elegance to desserts, or create a sophisticated appetiser by pairing them with cheese and wine. The resealable pouch ensures freshness, allowing the recipient to enjoy them throughout the week or share them with friends.

Motueka Sunday Market Magic: Fresh Finds & Friendly Faces

Join us on a journey through the vibrant heart of the Motueka Sunday Market! At Nutty D'Lites, our days here have been a flavourful exploration, immersed in the camaraderie and rich tapestry of local treasures. From the bustling stalls to the relaxed atmosphere of Decks Reserve carpark, each Sunday brings an adventure filled with quality conversations, shared values of supporting local businesses, and a passion for crafting the most exquisite caramelised nuts. Dive into a vibrant market experience where the community's warmth embraces our love for creating exceptional treats. The Motueka Market, a synonym for Sunday Market Motueka, is more than just a market; it's a spirited celebration that feels like home.

The Nelson Market Experience: A Must-Visit for Foodies & Crafters

Embracing Community, Success, and Tradition at Nelson Market At Nutty D'Lites, trading at the Nelson Market is more than a mere business transaction; it's an immersion into a vibrant community pulsating with success stories and time-honored traditions. The market serves as the cradle where legendary enterprises like Pics Peanut Butter, Hogarths Chocolate, and Proper Crisps began their remarkable journeys. Dissatisfied with commercial offerings, these pioneers embarked on quests for authenticity, crafting household brands that resonate with our pursuit of quality and innovation at Nutty D'Lites.

Holiday Gifting Ideas: Elevate Your Gifts with Nutty D'Lites Caramelised Nuts and Local Delights

Experience the joy of the holiday season with Nutty D'Lites! Discover the art of unique gifting by exploring our range of premium caramelised nuts and embracing local treasures. Dive into our blog as we unravel creative gifting ideas, celebrating the spirit of supporting local businesses and markets. Let's make this holiday season extra special together!

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