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A grazing platter

Elevate Your Entertaining with Local Delicacies: Crafting Irresistible Grazing Platters with Caramelised Nuts

Savour the Finest Local Flavours

Step into a world of indulgence as we guide you through the art of creating exquisite grazing platters using locally available ingredients. From mouthwatering local cheeses and delectable pâtés to our irresistible caramelised nuts, you can elevate your entertaining game with a medley of flavours and textures. In this blog post, we'll take you on a journey of curating a stunning grazing platter that celebrates the finest offerings from your local community. Prepare to impress your guests with a tantalising combination of flavours, accompanied by the sweetness of Nutty D'Lites.

Celebrating Local Delicacies

At the heart of any exceptional grazing platter lies the celebration of locally sourced ingredients. Begin by exploring your area for an array of local cheeses, each with its distinctive character and flavour profile. Look for artisanal varieties that showcase the craftsmanship of your region's cheese makers. Pair these cheeses with homemade or locally sourced pâtés, such as chicken liver or vegetarian options, to add richness and depth to your platter.

The Nutty D'Lites Difference

No grazing platter is complete without a touch of sweetness and crunch. Introduce our caramelised nuts to the ensemble, elevating the sensory experience with their irresistible flavours and satisfying texture. Our roasted, caramelised cashews, hazelnuts, and almonds will tantalise taste buds, adding a delightful contrast to the savoury elements of your platter. These handcrafted treats, made with care and dedication, will undoubtedly become the highlight of your grazing experience.

Artful Presentation

Creating an enticing grazing platter is not just about the ingredients but also about the visual appeal. Arrange a vibrant selection of sliced fruits, such as seasonal berries, figs, or grapes, to add freshness and a burst of colour. Include a variety of artisanal crackers or breadsticks for texture and to complement the cheeses and pâtés. To enhance the aesthetic appeal, incorporate garnishes like fresh herbs, edible flowers, or sprigs of rosemary.

Savour the Experience

As your guests gather around the enticing display, encourage them to explore the flavours and create their own unique combinations. The creamy cheeses, savoury pâtés, and the caramelised goodness of Nutty D'Lites nuts provide endless possibilities for delightful pairings. Encourage conversation and sharing as the grazing platter becomes a centrepiece of enjoyment and connection.

A Grazing Platter Experience to Remember

Elevate your entertaining and embrace the flavours of your local community with a stunning grazing platter that showcases the best of your region. By incorporating locally sourced cheeses, pâtés, and the irresistible addition of Nutty D'Lites caramelised nuts, you create a sensory experience that delights both the palate and the soul. Celebrate the artistry of your local producers, indulge in the richness of flavours, and savour the joy of sharing these moments with your loved ones. Let Nutty D'Lites be your partner in creating unforgettable grazing platters that epitomise the essence of local delicacies.


  • A selection of local cheeses (such as cheddar, brie, blue cheese, or goat cheese)

  • Assorted cured meats (such as salami, prosciutto, or smoked ham)

  • Homemade or locally sourced pâtés (such as chicken liver pâté or vegetarian pâté)

  • Nutty D'Lites caramelised nuts (roasted caramelised cashews, hazelnuts, and almonds)

  • Fresh seasonal fruits (such as berries, figs, or grapes)

  • Assorted artisanal crackers or breadsticks

  • Olives or pickles for a savoury tang

  • Fresh herbs, edible flowers, or sprigs of rosemary for garnish

  1. Start by arranging the cheeses on a large platter or wooden board, leaving some space between each variety.

  2. Slice the cured meats and arrange them alongside the cheeses, creating visually appealing patterns.

  3. Place small bowls or ramekins on the platter to hold the pâtés, ensuring they are easily accessible for guests.

  4. Scatter the Nutty D'Lites caramelised nuts generously around the platter, creating pockets of sweet and crunchy goodness.

  5. Fill any remaining spaces on the platter with fresh seasonal fruits, adding pops of colour and natural sweetness.

  6. Intersperse the assortment of artisanal crackers or breadsticks throughout the platter, allowing guests to pair them with the cheeses, pâtés, and other elements.

  7. Add a few olives or pickles in small clusters for a savoury contrast.

  8. Finally, garnish the platter with fresh herbs, edible flowers, or sprigs of rosemary to enhance the visual appeal and add a touch of freshness.

Assemble the grazing platter ahead of time, but keep it refrigerated until ready to serve. Bring it to room temperature about 30 minutes before your guests arrive to allow the flavours to shine.

The beauty of a grazing platter lies in its versatility, so feel free to experiment with different combinations of ingredients based on what's locally available and seasonally abundant. Remember, it's all about creating a visually stunning and delicious experience that celebrates the best of your local community.

Enjoy the process of crafting your grazing platter and savour the delightful moments of sharing and indulgence with your loved ones. Let the combination of local delicacies and Nutty D'Lites caramelised nuts create a sensory journey that leaves a lasting impression.

Local Products to Explore

  1. Cheeseshop: Delight in an extensive selection of cheeses sourced from both New Zealand and around the world at Cheeseshop. Explore the rich flavours, diverse textures, and unique characteristics of their carefully curated cheese offerings.
  2. Cranky Goat: Experience the exceptional artisanal goat cheeses crafted in the picturesque region of Marlborough by Cranky Goat. Indulge in the creamy, tangy, and distinct flavours that their goat cheese brings to your grazing platter.
  3. Sausage Press Deli: Experience the finest cured meats from Sausage Press Deli. Their handcrafted sausages, salami, coppa and smoked salmon are sure to add a savoury touch to your grazing platter.
  4. Craft Pâté: Elevate your platter with the exquisite pâtés from Craft Pâté. Their range of flavours, including chicken liver and vegetarian options, will add depth and richness to your culinary masterpiece.
By incorporating these exceptional local products, you not only support your community but also enhance the overall quality and taste of your grazing platter. Explore the offerings of these esteemed producers and let their creations take your grazing experience to new heights.


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