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Discover the Uniquely Handcrafted D'Lites!

Don't settle for ordinary nuts when you can experience the extraordinary with a Box of D'Lites! We take pride in our distinct approach to caramelised nuts, snacks, and confectionery. Every product is handcrafted with care, making us the sole artisans in New Zealand dedicated to this artistry.

Create your personalised selection box to share with friends and family. Handpick at least six packs from our delightful range, and enjoy a 10% discount at checkout.

Savour the creamy texture and subtly sweet, buttery taste of cashews, elevated to perfection by our caramelisation process. Delight in the bold crunch and rich, nutty flavour of almonds, beautifully complemented by the sweet embrace of caramelisation. Experience a delightful crunch and a slightly deeper, earthy flavour of hazelnuts, harmoniously blending with the luscious caramelised coating.

Surprise your family, friends, or colleagues with this thoughtful gift. Our Box of D'Lites is a burst of flavour and goodness.

Indulge in caramelised nuts that are sweeter, crunchier, and more delectable than any other nut on the market, all handcrafted with love and care. Once you taste them, you won't be able to resist!

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